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Orange, CA
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Re: Meaningless...

said by DownTheShore:

...unless they start wiring the apartment complexes with FIOS.

This is largely dependent on the owner of the apartment complex in question. In many cases they are built in such a way that all the copper lines are hidden in the wall, and a single pair (or 2 pairs) are available for each apartment. The conduits they are in might simply be too narrow to add additional cabling, except replacing all cables in one go.

Often they also have a central mini-CO on site that works perfectly for regular phone lines and DSL, but has to be replaced for fiber.

That is a rather costly venture, and Verizon is not going to want to wire up all 200 apartments with fiber (or however many there are) with a fair amount of existing DSL accounts and no guarantee that there will be a certain amount of FIOS customers. And it is also likely the apartment complex owner is not going to want to bear that cost.

Other apartment complexes have conduits for each apartment, or are wired on the outside walls. In those cases, FIOS can be installed on an individual basis as it is much easier to replace the individual wires. Again though, it is partly dependent on what the owner of the complex says with regards to wires, as once you go FIOS, you can't go back to copper.

Best thing to do if you want to get FIOS, is move to a private rental, or a complex that you know allows individual installs of FIOS.
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Springfield, MO
why not use the co-ax thats already running to each apt
since i know they use that for a lot of installs now
run the fiber in to the basement or were ever the co-ax comes in at

Looking at the bigger picture
Most of the apartment buildings (at least here in NYC) do not have a home-run of coax from each apartment to the basement, they have feeders going up to closets on each floor and distribute the signal from there. Also, while the coax would work fine for video & Internet, the FIOS equipment cannot use coax for dialtone.