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Washington, DC
reply to aqk

Re: HUAWEI in Canada. And right beside (900ft!) the USA border.

Very interesting, though they could just buy land and build towers in the US if they wanted to be closer to... whatever. You think it's to listen in on the border patrols?


Elgin, QC

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Ummm.. HUH?
OK... lessee.. China arbitrarily buys land all over the US to put up their cell tower /spy posts? Hey- maybe a BIG one in downtown Washington also.
Maybe a Chinese Airport to run spyplanes out of, too!
Gosh! Why didn't I think of that?

Hellooo... ! If you did not read the above link / article, I'm sorry.
May I say "Whooosh"? ... right over your head.
HUAWEI are NOT allowed in the US. Or Australia. Or India.

Golly, the way you put it, why don't the Chinese just open up a whole internet spy shop in the US? Or maybe just fly spy planes all over the US?
Geeezz... who let YOU in here?
- The Fibe 0.037 guy


Toledo, OH
Carriers still use them for devices such as the USB 3g/4g cards. TMO is one of those carriers and so is Alltel any a few others.

The US Gov't would not allow them to bid on the National Emergency Network though- that's the only thing that they said they could not do.