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keeping art alive since 1953
Massena, NY
reply to rchandra

Re: [NY] Bank suggestions in the Buffalo area

suggestion... local Credit Union.

Stargate Universe fan

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I have to say, Western Division FCU (who I learned of through my former employer, Sitel) actually looks promising so far. Now that you've jogged my memory, I recall now that one of my Sitel buddies was kind enough a few years ago to log into his account and let me try the UI, and I must say it seemed pretty good (they subcontract itsme247.com). They have remembered KISS. They, as many FCUs do, use the Allpoint network, so ATMs are fairly numerous and dispersed. I was concerned that I would not qualify, no longer working for Sitel, but as it turns out they accept anyone who resides in either Erie or Chautauqua Counties.

Get this as far as KISS is concerned: it's even in the FAQ of the Buffalo Community FCU that there should be no problem clicking on "back" in one's browser. They get extra bonus points for that.

Maryvale has a CU, but I don't know if my status as a FORMER student would allow me to qualify.

My sister in metro Houston is a member of some CU, and really likes it.

Thank you for the suggestion. There are certainly a lot from which to choose.

English is a difficult enough language to interpret correctly when its rules are followed, let alone when a writer chooses not to follow those rules.

Jeopardy! replies and randomcaps REALLY suck!

keeping art alive since 1953
Massena, NY

These days, you'll find that many CUs no longer require belonging to a specific group, union, etc. for membership. Our local CUs in Northern NY are open to anyone who is a resident of a particular County or Town. TrainBuff See Profile may be able to point you to one that will suit you, as he's been a long time resident of the area.

Edit: Credit Unions seem to be the current wave as the larger commercial banks have gotten ridiculous with fees, penalties and hidden charges. At least around here that is the case.