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[IPv6] Questions about the IPv6 Test

I get 10/10 from the ipv6 test...but I get that my browser seems to prefer ipv4 when given the choice. Why is that? Is it something on my end, or is it my location (NE Philly 19135)? Windows XP SP3 desktop via WNDR 3700v2 Netgear router. I have the IPv6 tab set to auto, it detects 6to4. Any settings I need to change, or what?

Mike Wolf

Beachwood, NJ
I noticed the same "your browser perfers ipv4" with windows vista running ie9, im assuming your using ie8 which i don't know if it perfers ipv6 quite as well as ie9

Actually I get it using Chrome or Firefox..haven't tried IE.

jack b
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Cape Cod
reply to Pd0x33
I don't know what to make of the readiness tests, I get two very different results from Comcast's test (1/10) and
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said by jack b:

I don't know what to make of the readiness tests, I get two very different results from Comcast's test (1/10) and

If your IPv6 connection is a tunnel, I think the difference may be that the Comcast's test only checks for basic connectivity, but the test also looks for the quality of the connection (and a tunnel is usually a bit slower).

The clue as to the difference (for my tests at least) is the highlighted statement below from the test:

The Comcast version of that test does not have that disclaimer:

FWIW, the ICSI-Netalyzer test also will complain if the IPv6 tunnel is slower than an IPv4 connection to the same site:

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Pdox33 everything looks perfect when I try now on my Windows 7 laptop...I get my browser prefers ipv6 when given the choice. So it must be an XP setting or something....


reply to Pd0x33
If the Netgear router says 6 to 4. Set the router for auto config on both WAN and LAN. If you area is ready than it will display 2601 prefix on the LAN part and nothing on the WAN. Then let click on your wireless icon on the system tray right click on your wireless connection, click on status, then click on details. It should show IPv6 address 2601 prefix both temporary and just IPv6 address. The DNS will show a 2001 prefix.

Mike Wolf

Beachwood, NJ
reply to Pdox33
My Win Vista desktop says the same thing on that test, perferring IPv4 over IPv6 which is odd since the IE and network settings are setup identical to the Win 7 desktops and laptops.

Parker, CO
reply to Gerard1234
said by Gerard1234:

" it will display 2601 prefix on the LAN part and nothing on the WAN."

I have found some routers that require an /128 IPv6 address on the WAN side to operate correctly. This may not be the case in all routers, but some.

The WAN side should at least have a Link-Local address, in the fe80::/10 prefix that your public IPv6 prefix from your ISP would be routed to, which can be a /64 on your router LAN.

Some older routers might request a /128 and get it, but they should be the exception.