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Longwood, FL
reply to KodiacZiller

Re: Your home deadbolt/locks are totally ineffective.

said by KodiacZiller:

Pretty much all over the counter locks are only meant to keep "opportunity" thieves out. Anyone determined or who has the right tools can easily bypass them.

I learned this the hard way a while back with padlocks. I had a combination master lock on my locker at the gym. After my workout, I came back to dress out and noticed my locker was wide open and my lock was dangling open. I searched my belongings and found all the money from my wallet was gone. Some guy standing beside me said "shit, someone stole my watch and credit cards." He had a rolex.

We both went to the management raising hell about it. They asked us if we used combination locks. We said we did. They said "never use combination locks, as they are very easy to bypass." I found out that you can make a shim out of a piece of tin that will slip in the lock and open it up in a few seconds, which is obviously what this thief had been doing. The gym used to sell combination locks but has since stopped. Now they only recommend key locks. Still, even with a key lock, all someone has to do is come in with a bolt cutter and it's game over (easy to hide one in a gym bag).

So, it's not different with door locks. I have always assumed the locks on my doors are easy to bypass by someone with experience. If I have anything irreplaceable, I will put it in a safe -- everything else will be covered by insurance, so I don't worry. And, For those who wish to do me harm I have a 12 gauge. If they survive that, I will grab my Bulgarian made AK-47 and unload a 30 round mag on them.

Combo locks are pretty useless. But most keylocks can be bumped in 1-3 seconds without bolt cutters. There are a few pretty good padlocks out there that need to be cut. Problem is - again - no sign of forced entry, your insurance won't cover anything.

The nice part about really good door locks is they can't easily be bypassed even by someone with experience. A Schalage B60N with Mushrooms, and deep pinsets may take a highly skilled locksmith days to pick or bump. Primus took 2 months to pick by the guy that designed it. Everest's can take hours. Vs a Big Box lock from Home Depot, about 1-5 seconds maximum.


Can you give us some more info and links about schalage b60n with mushrooms?

where would you buy this?


Longwood, FL

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said by sadrcn :

Can you give us some more info and links about schalage b60n with mushrooms?

where would you buy this?

Well I say B60N because a buddy runs a locksmith shop, and says they've spent days trying to pick one (custom pinned, etc), switching off between people. They've been unable to bump one to date. These aren't big box B60's, they are locksmith grade in plain brown OEM packaging. B60N's are Ansi Grade 1 (Maximum Security) rated, which if I remember means they can SUSTAIN an assault for X amount of time, including crowbars. When you get a B60N it feels like a monster, at least twice as thick as the Big-Box ones, very heavy.

Left is the big box B60, right is the OEM locksmith one, heavily reinforced. Grade 3 Low Security vs Grade 1 Maximum Sec.

Big Box one one left has no pick shields vs B60N with pick shields, kick-in blocks, and anti-drill shields. Also the inner mechanism is thicker, better steel. Left big box lock can be easily picked, bumped, or kicked in. (Grade 3 Lowest Sec)

Basically what he recommends is people get B60N's, then take them to a local locksmith shop, have the core removed, replace ALL of the pins with mushroom pins(and other custom pins). Then have a deeper, more complex keyset put in for it. All of this should cost less than $15 per lock to have done (above the cost of the lock), but will dramatically enhance security. Basically mushroom pins (and other custom pins) resist bumping the pins off to the top to twist it, they fall to the side, and cause the bump to fail. Are more pick resistant. Here is what they look like;

Right ones are mushroom pins, this one has a monster set of pins and keys, and illustrates how a good locksmith should 'rig' your lock. The other pins are ridged, or ASSA pins, or whatever. Very nice setup.


That's just one method, there are higher security brands, but they start to get really expensive. According to at least 3 'pros' in the business, the above solution is 100% better than Big Box solutions. But also is considered 'maximum security' for homes. Still pickable but anyone that can spends hours and hours a day practicing to get to the point they can do it, and even then it can take a bit of time and probably would attract attention. Contrary to SecureKey or other Bigbox locks with take 1 second to walk through.

You could also go right to the Schlage Everest, then do the same thing. (custom pins) Some sellers will pin and key it however you want, increasing security. Everest has side pins to make it even harder to pick. But a 'Pro' can STILL pick these, after a *LOT* of practice over and over, then it still can take them quite some time. Not expensive for those either;


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