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Vienna, VA
reply to cableties

Re: [Sci-Fi] Prometheus Imax 3D

I'm afraid I didn't like it. I don't even know if I could care to see it again. I don't think Prometheus offered anything new, awe inspiring or insightful. If its possible to rip yourself off, I think Ridley Scott has done it. I think he is either overrated or no longer feels he has to prove anything. Maybe he is satisfied with being an action film director, and at his best he's a poor man's Stanley Kubrick.

I think I was right when I posted previously that the trailers revealed the whole movie.

Yeah, the film was visually stunning and all that, but how can it not be? Everyone is using the same technology these days, or the latest thing. There was nothing about this film that was ground breaking or could spawn some new trend or memes.

This film was like a high end version of an Alien vs Predator movies, which were all quite forgettable and a dozen times worse than Prometheus. OTOH, there are probably B-movies more exciting than Prometheus.

To me Alien is one of the greatest movies of all time, maybe not a masterpiece, but it is one of only 7 movies I have in my Amazon video library, along with Pulp Fiction and Apocalypse Now, and I have no desire to add anything else right now.

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Mentor, OH
Alien vs Predator movies

I liked all three of the movies. I just wish they had continued with the cliff hanger of the second one. Though they should/could have used the woman from the end of the first movie.

Either way, they were fun. Then again, I don't take such things to seriously.
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