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York, PA

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[speed/latency] [DSL-SPEED] Slow dsl speeds after 8pm

Hello im on an actiontec gt704 wg modem. For the past few days after 8pm my download speeds slow down from 3.0mbp during the day to less than 2.0mbp at night. I had this issue before and verizon was no help over the phone but someone on here fixed it for me, is there anyone here that could help me out? Thanks alot for the help.

[Mod note - Phone number obscurred as this is a public forum. Not a good idea to post personal/private info in here.]


Having the same issue.
Latency is crazy high sometimes well over 1000 ms.

Wonder if I should go back to TWC in Socal.

Having a hard time to get on online games due to latency.
And their Actiontec gear is so locked down that one can hardly change any setting.