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Vancouver, BC

[BC] Second 430 acting as a plain set top box no longer allowed?

I just had a Telus installer visit to setup a new 430 box I recently bought from FutureShop for $99. The 430 is the digital box with hard drive and PVR capability, and the 330 is the plain digital box.

Prior to now there were 2 boxes in the home, one 330 and one 430 acting as the PVR. The boxes were bought when first installed in February 2010, and the account is in under no term contract.

The plan was to add the new 430 box as a plain digital set top box without PVR functionality enabled: 1x 430 as PVR, 1x430 + 1x330 as plain receivers.

I read of this being done on various internet forums for Telus Optik, and I made sure to confirm the plan on 2 separate occasions with the customer support people who book the installation appointments.

The installer who came was very nice, said he had completed the same install with a second 430 box on the network numerous times, but despite his best efforts the Telus office could not provide a registration code for adding anything but a 330.

A bunch of phone calls were made and no one seemed to know why this could not be done, or even when a change in the registration system had happened. I was offered the option to buy($150)/rent a 330 box from Telus at full price.

This happened today, which is a Saturday.

I'd rather not pay $50 extra when by all expectations the existing setup should work fine. Is there someone who could explain what happened or maybe give some advice to me?

Thanks in advance, Long time lurker and first time poster



Richmond, BC

Re: [BC] Second 430 acting as a plain set top box no longer allo

I won't have an answer until the installer arrives on Sunday. It better not be a problem. I didn't think to mention which model I was hooking up and they did not ask me.

I bought my 1st 430 from Telus for $150 when I signed up and they've loaned me a 330 STB. In all the years I've had Telus anything, the most free I've ever got was the various routers (which should be provided anyway). I bought 2 more PVRs for $99 each about a year ago (?) from Best Buy. I think there was supposed to be a programing credit too (but there was no paperwork in the packaging about that).

When I finally got around to moving the 330 STB to the 3rd BR and replacing it with the 2nd/new 430 in the Master BR, I called in but they refused to give me an Activation Code. Then they insisted they had to send out a tech. Then they told me that there was a charge for that. Then I asked to talk to Retentions.

Retentions said that they did have to send a tech to confirm the GUID wasn't scratched out on the bottom of the box--even though you could read it on the screen and needed it to generate an Activation Code (I do not fully buy this reason*. I assume the GUID is used to create the Act. Code). I suggested that since only a small % of people are fraudulent, Telus should not inconvenience everyone else. The GUID on the box and screen match but they do not match the label on the box that the 430 came in--I think I read in this forum that that was common. I can't imagine how much labour Telus is going to be paying for when I see 2 full skids of boxes sitting at my local Costco alone! That is a huge pile of service calls! I would not be happy to buy a box there to start the service and then be told I had to pay to have it installed too!

I don't know networking well but don't think myself an idiot either. I don't see how a STB physically connected to my router which is physically connected to the Telus network, shouldn't or couldn't just "work" out of the box. The Optic data line into the house is separate from the phone line and dedicated to TV and internet, Telus can see my router's ID and knows what I pay for on my account. I don't see how using different hardware should really have to make a difference. Basically, why shouldn't my router be the "key" and anything connected to it just work?

If I were to take the box with me to Kelowna and plug it into my father's router, I wouldn't expect to get Optic TV signals since he only has phone and internet. However, that would be an interesting option--taking my Optic TV STB and plugging it into any hi speed router (Telus or Shaw or?) and getting my TV channels (like a MagicJack). That might make the inconvenience of "activating" the box worth while.

I do enjoy the PVR functionality of recording programs by season but I miss the ease of normal coax cable feeds which could feed as many TVs and VCRs as you could buy. I have a nice DVD/HDD recorder that was close enough to a PVR without having to pay for Tivo so this idea of having to buy/rent only certain equipment and then having to register it in order to use it and then not being able to watch what you have recorded during internet outages, does not sit well with me. (When I lost internet and therefore Optik TV I was very surprised to learn that I couldn't catch up on the stuff I had recorded! Not a good couple of days! Also means that I'll have to continue to pay for the service until I finish watching anything I've recorded--even though I bought the equipment (and paid to watch the material!)

*PS Re: Fraud boxes. In order to get the Optik "signal" you have to be paying for it. If you have the STB hardware, then it was loaned to you my Telus (and it should be) or you bought it.
It does not matter where you bought it (Telus, retailer, Craigslist) as it came originally from Telus (I don't know of any "white" boxes being made/sold--even if there were, you still have to be paying for the signal and that's where to profit is, so why should Telus care at all?).
What if someone stole a STB? Well, gee, wouldn't that client call Telus and let them know? Wouldn't Telus have a record of that box's GUID? Therefore, when the thief (or his dupe) called into to activate the box, Telus would have that GUID flagged. I guess a former Optik client could unknowingly lose his unused equipment from his garage or something, but, really, how often is that likely to happen?

Anyway, just a few of my thoughts on the service.


Your Telus PVR wont work out of the box because they are not shipped pre-programmed. The device must be connected by Telus and once the install is completed Telus then sends the softwre to the device. This takes 72 hrs IF you do not try and record during this period and IF you remember to shut the unit OFF each night for the 1st 3 nights so the device can be updated. I assume Telus does this so that their devices will NOT work in an unauthorized location


this information is not correct. the boxes do have the software but may not have all the updates. the OP's problem is the Telus registration system does not want to assign a second reg code for a 430 stb. I cannot tell you what happened with the system to cause this as it should work. It may be an account problem or something. Hopefully it can get sorted for you.

Need... Speed

Burnaby, BC
reply to RalphWaters
Oh wow, I'm getting flash backs for my situation... at least it all got worked out and I had to foresight to quickly buy a 3rd 430 and have it all set up...

I can't believe it's still this difficult a procedure! Especially the paying the tech 100$ to just enter the activation code. Note: My tech gave me codes over the phone. Never bothered coming into my house.
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