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Re: [Vanilla] Good read on the Golden Age of World PvP

the one thing that should be done to promote world pvp is server balance. who gives a sh*t about world pvp if the other faction out numbers you 20 to 1.

so stop server and faction changes to the higher population side. it goes hand in hand why "fix" world pvp when it's broken by server and faction changes. it'll still be broke even if they are able to bring back world pvp.

even servers that are relatively ballance 2:1 still have a losing side.... 2 vs 1 still mean you barely have a fighting chance. xrealm zones won't fix this. it's broken because of bliz's money grab.

Evans, GA
I can't fully agree. The realm population counts characters, not players. If you fix world pvp (meaning give people the incentive to go do it) then you get small groups of people engaging in world pvp. The pvp community has an edge to them, and my server has entire guilds that switched factions to engage in pvp because it was so boring being all horde.

So, I tend to agree that if they aren't even addressing server imbalance they are in the wrong. However, I don't see it as complete waste of time to try to reinvigorate world pvp (from their perspective, not mine).
Immergruen (resto/kitty) on Nathrezim Server (US)
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I'd rather hang out with friends and collect gear, mounts, and achievements that don't require me to beat up on the weaker kid.