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Certified Home Inspector

reply to carly

Re: [Serious] Building Code as it pertains to Height of Kitchen

said by carly :

If by PDI you mean in inspection, no, I didn't. This is a new townhouse and is currently under construction (which is why I felt it was reasonable to have the builder mount the cabinets at a normal height).

Unfortunately, I didn't notice the height of cabinets until after I had signed on the bottom line & plunked down a sizeable downpayment (too much to walk away from).

Yes, by PDI, I meant pre-delivery inspection.

Did you try asking the builder if he can mount it where you need them? Are they charging you extra for that?

If it was a safety issue then they would not do it to begin with (considering that builders know better not to mess with codes). If it is a comfort issue for you then you should have them do it your way.

This is why is very important to get a pre-delivery inspection done so these types of things are inspected by the home inspector. Some people think that a home inspection is not important for new built homes which is not correct.

If you think that this is a safety issue then contact a local reputable home inspector who does PDI and discuss this with him/her.
Certified Home Inspector
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Thank you for your comment regarding PDI's. I live in Vancouver and I don't think that's a common practice, but I absolutely will research it. I'm a big fan on Holmes on Homes and lots of what I've seen is scary and I don't have that kind of expertise.