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Montreal, QC
reply to Thane_Bitter

Re: A cute little convo with a bell rep

said by Thane_Bitter:

Rather sad, it takes two Bell reps just to answer a simple question; makes you wonder how many more Bell reps it takes to cancel a service.

You never had to deal with large companies like HP or Microsoft. We can get transferred no less than FIVE TIMES when we only want to ask them for a part number and its availability. So as far as I know, I see nothing special about this chat. In fact, I agree that the two Bell representatives were both professional.

Inquire within
·Bell Sympatico
You bet your little ascot I have, but apparently you haven't dealt with Bell recently. Their slogan should be "One call, several transfers, disconnects, call-backs, more calls, wait a few months till the next billing cycle, still doesn't do it all"

The point is that Bell's chat doesn't provide much of a service. At best they can answer a few general questions, however in this case she still had to defer to someone with greater knowledge (and forcing the customer to repeat his request again). To compare, it much like a website that caches web search results and injects in advertising for profit – meaningless content without substance.

Wait till the poor OP hits the retention reps; he will need a glass of water and two aspirins standing by!

Hey at least with Microsoft once you have a case number you don't have to keep repeating yourself. HP's gone to hell ever since they redesigned their website and broke just about everything in the process however their Partsurfer website still works and links to their web store (which also lists availability). Perhaps you are stuck in dealing with the low-end product support cue (i.e. PC/notebooks), not doubt HP farmed that out to the same call centre that Bell uses.

Anyways on the plus side of things at least the chat persons didn't use the word CUM repeatedly and incorrectly has they have in the past. »Hot New Bell Router?