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Sacramento, CA
reply to aurgathor

Re: motherboard caught fire after system battery replaced

Yeah...I've had mixed feedback on that one. Some people suggested that the jumper in the clear position is what led to the "final blow" shall we say. Others say no. I've not heard of it happening before, but I'm no pro, just a hobbyist, so I wasn't sure one way or the other. I do know I left it in the clear position, and really shouldn't, so I am erring on the side of "I was wrong," when saying that perhaps that caused/contributed to the issue. The board already appeared to have a short or some other kind of damage, based on the way it was behaving, so....I don't know for sure. For all I know, it was gong to literally smoke, anyway, based on that damage, and it just happened to coincide with my jumper move. It surely wasn't working properly before the jumper move, either.

At this point, I guess I'm just glad the CPU and RAM are okay, in case I do decide to reuse them in another application, since I have found everything I'd need to do that.


Lynnwood, WA
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When I operate a mobo not properly installed in its case, especially if the PS is still in the case so the mobo has to be on top of the case, or very close to it, I normally place a 1/4" thick ply under the mobo to make absoluteley sure that I'm not shorting something to the case.

In any case, if I have to assign probabilities to your mishap, I'd say there's a better than 90% chance that you ended up shorting something.
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Sacramento, CA
Yeah...a short, it surely seems to be. With the way the machine was acting BEFORE it ever came out of the case (described in the original post,) I have to wonder if there wasn't a short going on at that point. When I took everything out of the case, the power supply also came out of the case. The board and power supply were nowhere near the case at that point, and were both on top of a thick slab of wood (a wooden table.)

I don't know if the battery replacement was just merely coincidence or not. It was definitely in correctly. I check before and after the fact. I wonder about psafux's response with regard to that? If the old battery were weak, could the new battery have given enough power to send an existing issue over the edge, so to speak?

I guess at this point, my curiosity lies more in the original problem (what was causing THAT,) along with any relation between the original problem and the final spark. I don't know enough about that and would be interested in peoples' takes on all of that.