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cast sucks

reply to Os

Re: As a Charter Customer I'm upset

said by Os:

The point is very simple. Verizon controls their network, and they can let whatever they want as a device to be accepted on it.

Charter can do the same. And Time Warner Cable has until recently, not allowed customer-owned modems in many regions.

And I'm not aware of any provider allowing you to use your own modems with internet/phone service. I know Comcast doesn't, I know my provider doesn't.

so you be ok with only being able to rent a locked down Verizon PC at a high price and having to use the Verizon app store with high prices.



I didn't say my opinion on the matter.

But the point is if Charter wants to lock down their network and only allow their equipment, there's precedent in the market that allows for it that hasn't been stopped as of yet.

I have no problem with what Charter did as long as they're not going to then force everyone to pay the $7/month. If they're going to give you the modem for free, then great. If they did that as a cash grab, then that's a different story. And that I'd have a real problem with.