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Monroe, MI

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reply to pnh102

Re: Wow...

said by pnh102:

I'm sorry, but your president is an absolute complete and total failure at just about everything. When we finally recover from this protracted depression, have more people employed again, get the national debt under control (I'm even being generous by not listing other problems that this idiot caused or exacerbated), then you can lecture me about politics.

I'd buy that he's a failure if the Republican Congress didn't impede everything he tried to do. When those SOB's in Congress hold up unemployment benefits so the wealthy can have tax cuts, something is terribly, terribly wrong with the moral compass on conservatives.

All I hear is bitching about the debt, but no one bitched when the majority of the debt was run up under Republicans.

Finally, lest we forget what flavor the president was when the bubble was inflating? The economy was destroyed on your team's watch and you have the nerve to bitch that it isn't being fixed quickly enough all the while conservatives stand in the way?

Greenville, SC

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Just think if the media didnt drive you guys so far apart, you might be able to work together and make the whole world a better place.

Of course unity is not what politicians want, because then we might actually do something about the fact they work against us.


Arvada, CO

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reply to desarollo
Republican Congress?
There was a Democrat controlled House and Senate the first two years for Obama’s Presidency. Also the Democrats enjoyed a filibuster proof voting majority with the Democrat voting independents.


Lewisville, TX
reply to desarollo
said by desarollo:

All I hear is bitching about the debt, but no one bitched when the majority of the debt was run up under Republicans.

Go back and look at the history of the federal budget deficit in the past 30 years. Compare how it changed from year to year (increased or decreased) to which party controlled the House of Representatives.

Once you have done that, come back and try to repeat what I quoted above with a straight face. If you can, you are a better liar than most.

I'll give you a hint: with only a few exceptions, the annual deficit declined when one party controlled the House, and increased (sometimes spectacularly) when the other party controlled the House.


Elko, NV
reply to desarollo
The economic crisis of 2008 had nothing to do with Bush. Actually, any president has very little influence over the economy. The Federal Reserve Chairman has more power in that area than the president does.


Buffalo, NY
Good point but I dont think hes talking about the economy but more the spending habits of our government. Bush was in large part responsible for the extreme accumulation of debt after taking office with a government holding very little debt. War is expensive. Do you have idea what those bombs and missiles cost they spread all over Afphganistan and Iraq?