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reply to Robotics

Re: Cable Wrapped Around Power Line (again)

The only option I see is to pull the run TIGHTER so it will not blow in the wind as much. With a long run like that however, you can only pull up so much slack. Also, you might not be ABLE to pull it any tighter as the tighter it gets, the higher it gets. And the higher it gets, the closer to Power it gets ( a moot point now.. but specs are specs) It can only be so close to power.
looks like a catch 22.
Tighten it up, string it higher and its to close to power and in danger of a fine or just being cut down by power.
Let it be where it is and it ends up not only being "close" to power, but physically wrapped around it!

Re-routing from another section, run, pole would be the only option I would investigate if this was my area.

Do you know if that is a 6 line or the thicker RG11 or .320?
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They 'could' move the drop at the line pole a bit out into the span and go for radial clearance as well. They might not have to pull the strand too far out of lead. It's one of those things where you just have to be there. [shrug]
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reply to CableTool
said by CableTool:

Do you know if that is a 6 line or the thicker RG11 or .320?

As of now I am out of the area till Monday. I will check that then.
Off the top of my head I thing its RG11, but not sure.
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