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Re: Any wireless providers with no throttling? sprint?

Yeah, 50GB sounds much better than 5GB. Millenicom says it's available too.
May just have to get that soon if I can't find anything else.
Looks like it will cost 165 bucks to get started. with modem and all that. Not too bad I guess. Like the no contract part.

This part gets me though: Unlimited Gigabyte Monthly.
Then you read: Usage over 50 gigabytes in one month will alert our investigative team. LOL. Then it's not unlimited gb now is it millenicom. lol
Well, I know they mean unlimited use.. and not unlimited speed. and by investigative team. they mean the throttle team. right...
But still. 50gb sounds a whole lot better than 5GB.
Any idea of what it slows down to after 50gb? My 3g slows down to about 7kb when I go over. plum horrible.

Anyone have sprint though?
So I take it that sprint are lying on their commercials? Unlimited data/ No throttling. I saw it on the tv screen.
But If I went with sprint themselves, I will record that commercial and then if I get throttled I will sue them for false advertising. lol! don't lie to me sprint..hee hee.
Wait.. somebody here has to have sprint, they are just being quiet about the no throttling. lol

Well, If anyone has any other wireless suggestions.."besides just move up the road 8000 feet, lol" let me know.
haha I'd move up the road, and at&t would say, sorry all our dsl slots are full. lol

Thanks for the replies everyone. I'll check back later.


Austin, TX
·Time Warner Cable
MCom, to my knowledge, doesn't throttle. However they will kick you off their service if you keep hitting north of 50GB in a month.

As for Sprint lying, they aren't. As long as you have a *smartphone* they don't throttle your data ever, and it's truly unlimited. I know, because I've had Sprint for nearly five years at this point, and Sprint-based prepaid carriers off and on for three years or so before that.Sprint just asks that, if you tether, you add that feature (which costs money, and is data-limited) to your plan. Why? Their network has limited capacity and they want to make money off of heavier tethering data usage to put it back into the network. Kinda like you can't walk into an all-you-can-eat buffet, buy one plate, then start handing food to your college wrestler friend, in addition to eating on your own.

Bottom line: no carrier can afford to give unlimited, wireline-like broadband over a cellular connection at this point, not a 3G one with limited spectrum anyway. Clearwire is different because they have tons and tons of spectrum (dozens of MHz) and use newer technology,but then you run into coverage issues. Put another way, when the entire cell has a capacity on the order of 20 Mbps, divided into 2.5 Mbps chunks, and that cell serves a few hundred people, you just can't offer absolutely unlimited data on it and expect things to work correctly, at least now when people could really make use of all that data. Cable companies (some of them) can do unlimited because their last-mile capacity is on the order of 150-300 Mbps down and 10-70 Mbps up per node, and that node serves maybe 100 customers. Totally different math there.

Speaking of which, if you have friends within reach of cable, by the way, you might consider splitting an account with them and setting up your own wireless link to bring the cable internet signal to you. The equipment to do this would run around $200, depending on speed and distance needed, but as long as you have line of sight, it's workable.


Thanks for all the replies everyone.

Thanks for clearing up the sprint question. Didn't mean to offend sprint.
Yeah I have an iphone 3gs I could tether for sprint. But I don't like contracts though.
So on the phone..sprint has unlimited. On the pc with a data card its 1GB.

So basically, you can't get wireless unlimited no throttling broadband for a pc.
..unless you tether with sprint or something. wonderful..that make a lot of sense. why would anyone want broadband on a pc. lol.

Oh well..geez.. I give up on this unlimited internet at home ON A PC for now.
I'll just drive up the road a ways and download from the hundred available wifi hotspots for free with my iphone 3gs. lol.
Yeah, that sounds much better.. free. no contracts, and no download limits. lolololol
So basically I can get exactly what I want for FREE on my iphone. But I can't PAY for it for a home pc. lol Awesome.


Austin, TX
·Time Warner Cable
Your 3GS won't work on Sprint by the way. It's GSM only. The iPhone 4 has GSM and CDMA variants; the latter works on Sprint. The 4S has both rolled nto one phone.

As for unlimited on your phone vs. PC, I'm going to take a guess at what the WiFi hotspots just up the road are connected to: cable or DSL. You can use your computer on those hotspots as well, assuming you've got a laptop.

And, as I said, you can do a heck of a lot more downloading on a PC than you would realistically doo on a phone. Sure, you could stream Netflix over 3G and hook your phone up to a big screen TV, but those use cases are rare. Pulling a few hundred gigabytes down on a desktop connection...not so rare. I've done it for multiple months in a row.


Siren, WI
reply to lll808lll
said by lll808lll:

I'll just drive up the road a ways and download from the hundred available wifi hotspots for free with my iphone 3gs. lol.

I know you may be joking, but if you are connecting to wi-fi hotspots, please make sure you have permission to use them. Far too many people will just connect to any unsecured network and use it, without regard to the fact they are essentially stealing someone else's internet connection. I'm not trying to accuse you of doing that, but it is something that I do take very seriously.