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South Richmond Hill, NY
reply to fotomatt1

Re: Verizon FINALLY pulling cable in my NYC apartment building!!

said by Eddy120876:

Hey VAthral

had you tried slowing down your service by swamping it with internet connected devices . I know my friend tried that and it didn't work but they all had a great wifi party

Heh. I got myself, brother, and 2 cousins as the heavy hitters with bandwidth. It has been a blast. Skype, torrents, streaming video games footage on Twitch.tv, uploading videos to youtube, Netflix, etc with not a single blip. So glad to be away from TWC.

said by fotomatt1:

Install done! 5 hours total...tech was great. He just took his time and did an incredibly neat job. Took my cable boxes and modem back to TWC and cancelled my service....and had a beer to celebrate my independence from TWC!! Internet is super fast. Here's my speed test results. TV picture is incredible. Even my wife who is never impressed with anything commented on how much better the picture is than it was with TWC!!

First thing everyone here noticed with the TV as well. Channels flip over so fast. It doesn't even flash like it did with TWC. The DVR has been put into great use as well since any room can get it going. We have 1 DVR and 5 HD STB. The only problem we have is learning the new channels but it's been great!

This is the worst we really get here. When idle.

With TWC, we had 4 HD STB, No DVR, No Showtime, 10/1 internet, and phone. The total came up to 180 dollars. We've had them for a long time so the price increases just kept piling on.

Like I said above, we have 1 DVR (free for life deal) and 5 HD STB, Extreme/Showtime, 35/35 internet, phone and Spanish language channel. After the first few bills, we're looking at somewhere between 140-145 dollars (including the upcoming adapter increases) monthly. We're way better off and internet alone is worth the price if we lose the 30 dollars in discount in 2yrs.

Our installer arrived at 10:30am. Left at 6:00pm on the dot. Heck, his supervisor passed by to take a look at the work. Everything was done professionally and he made picking a location for the ONT & BBU so easy for us. A+ service.

Which reminds me, time to add a review on dslreports!


Bronx, NY

Again Vathral

Thanks for the heads up. Now i can't wait for Fios to reach my neighborhood that way theres no more internet bog down like it happens here. Too many Ipods,Ipads,netbooks etc that kill our speed. Oh and HAPPY 4TH OF JULY Vathral.


New York, NY

Kinda cool to be the only person in a building with 100 units that has FiOS. I don't think anybody else even knows it's available yet. When the tech was here, a woman saw him bringing my set top boxes in through the lobby, and she said nobody told her she could get FiOS here yet. She said she was so happy she was going to cry, and then went upstairs and placed her order.


Plano, TX

Gratz on fios! Everyone should have an awesome network/tv connect.


Bronx, NY
reply to fotomatt1

Man on man that shows how much people want real high speed internet


Bronx, NY
reply to McBane

Well said Mcbane. Our internet should been Fiber optics years ago . Too bad is taking this long for it to get deploy. Lets hope that Verizon moves their butt and blanket the entire nation with fiber goodness