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reply to HiDesert


Sonic.net would not have been the company I would have predicted would do this. Kind of low.


amen to that. Was happy with Sonic and switched to them simply because of some key factors. Their pricing, customer support, and their way of not being on one of the BIG guys by doing things differently.

All good things come to an end when they eventually become big. As with any small players, they will do what it takes to get big. However, as they grow, things will become worst.

I was happy with the service since signup 6 months ago and did the switch for 4 other members of the family. Now, I might consider switching back when I do not see much benefits if they starting charging rediculous fees. $75 x 3 yrs service = $225 while the price of a modem is $50. It's not often these modem go bad....don't want to hear any more excuses from these ISPs.

The people I referred may hate me for the recent switch now that sonic is charging these bogus fees. The point is, Sonic shouldnt be nickel and dimes like the rest just because they are doing it. They differentiate and got loyal customers for being different. Now they are starting to look into way to slowly screw their customers over. bad bad bad....I may have to look into another alternative until Sonic revert the changes.