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London, UK
reply to Da Geek Kid

Re: [HELP] NO flash files

ROMMON is software stored in a ROM, just like the BIOS in a PC is software stored in a ROM (though most likely an EEPROM or similar as it can be updated these days.)

That software still has to be executed by something, it cant execute on its own. And yes, most likely held in a replaceable chip.

And the BIOS in a PC is still a boot loader of sorts (I think more correctly a bootstrap), only a very basic low level one. It (among other things like allowing you to edit various settings) finds the boot loader on the preferred boot device and loads it into RAM and tells the processor to start executing that code which locates the OS and starts loading it.

And re your previous edit, if the ROMMON chip is fried of course it wont boot. Just like a PC wont boot if the BIOS ROM is fried. If the processor cant execute the code contained within it, youre not going very far.

Da Geek Kid


said by TomS_:

ROMMON is software stored in a ROM,...

Firmware yes, software no.

I believe what you guys are getting confused is that ROMMON is a binary code that functions very few commands. In order for it to understand an IP it would require access to ports. The ports are not loaded until the IOS gets loaded 1st. ROMMON does not have access to any port and hence you cannot connect to any of the ports 1 -48
On Switches with OOBM ports the ports is defined in the ROMMON which can be accessed.