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Germantown, MD
·Verizon FiOS

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Re: Give up my copper phone line to upgrade to 75\25?

If you are no longer under a commitment. Keep your copper line, and account that it is tied to.

Cancel FiOS and port your fiOS number over to a pay as you go wireless service before you cancel. If you can. Pay as you go phones can be had at Walmart for like $10.

Complain to your PSC if you have one. Verizon cannot force you off of copper if you still have it, as it is a regulated service. Tell Verizon if they want to sell you FiOS they will need to provide it on a separate account. Verizon can refuse to provide FiOS service at their will. If you have a local cable franchise you may also go that route and file a complaint with them. Having separate accounts will cost more, if they agree to provide them. You may need to have business and residential accounts. I do not believe they will provide two residential accounts to a single residential address. Dealing with two different departments within Verizon. It will cost you.

Yes Verizon wants everyone on a digital voice account, pushing it as a savings because it is not regulated and taxed the same way. But it seems like my taxes went down and my local cable franchise fee went up. So now if you are on an unregulated voice line Verizon can do as they please. I wanted the switch to DV and had a nightmare of a time when the strike hit. At one point being without a phone.

From my experience this week, if you call cancelations, they don't care, and it looks like they have now been instructed to just drop customers, regardless of how long you have been with them, or what you are paying or have paid.

Allendale, NJ
Verizon is phasing copper out, and there isn't much we the consumers can do.


Germantown, MD
·Verizon FiOS
You can stay on copper as long as you want. But the problem is reliability. It used to be regulated to where they had to provide lifeline service and get your service back up and running within a time limit. But service has gone in the toilet, and reliability is only with un regulated fiber service now. I was providing ideas. I have had FiOS since the summer of 2005, and have been very happy with it, because of quality, and it never goes down as long as I have power on my end. Even in Montgomery County, Maryland, when the power came back after 5hrs, I have 100% FiOS reliability.

My recent experience with cancelations was to over an argument regarding commitment dates that were changed on my account. I am 100% FiOS digital at 75/35 and happy with the technology.

So yes I am a FiOS fan! Quantum rules! So don't take my previous post the wrong way.