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Reno, NV
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Re: What can cause slow upload speed?

There is nothing wrong with your upload sync speed, so the problem is either between your computer and the modem OR something is wrong between your DSLAM and your gateway.

Upload speed problems are rare and tough to diagnose. Have you tried a gateway test to see if there is a latency problem?: »SBC DSL FAQ »How do I do a gateway ping test?.

Perhaps you should run a Line Quality Test too?
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Beaumont, TX

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Did a line quality test, it said bad to the CO I think. This is new to me. Running win7, looking for the command prompt to do the gateway »/testhistory/295832/c4b9b

Things are pointing towards the modem. I saw the power light turn red one time like it was rebooting and the internet light will start flashing green and I have to restart it to get it working again. I have another 4100 coming next week and I will change it out and if that doesn't fix it, HELLO TIME WARNER!

P.S. is there anything special to set up another modem?


Beaumont, TX

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reply to d_l

UPDATE : for everyone's info I guess a 4100 modem can go partiality bad. I bought a used 4100 of eBay, it didn't work at all, like it was in bridged mode an resetting did not help it. Never tried the reset on my original, any way I emailed the guy and he refunded my money. Bit the bullet and drove 20 miles to the AT&T store. It was kind of weird, I walked in and a lady wanted to help and I told her I wanted a DSL Modem she had to call one specific guy to come wait on me. I got the impression they didn't sell many. I told him what I wanted and tried to sell me a wireless and I told him no regular wired and not a 2210 (bad reports). They had none on display and he had to go in the back for 20 minutes to find one, a Motorola 3360. I hooked it up to my main computer and went to configure it and it had a redirect and configured it self, plus I had to let it install some software on my computer or it wouldn't finish. OK now I was connected ok so I tried to reconnect to use it with my old airlink wired router,no go. Figured out the new IP access address conflicted with my old router. Luckily I had a newer wireless Trendnet router that it sinked up with no problem. Ran speed test now reporting
2600 down 412 up. Maybe AT&t changed the system so they don't work well with the old modems?????

P.S I am kicking myself paid $75 at AT&T could have got it a walmart for $50.

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