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Re: Teksavvy Cable - Connection Dropping every 4-8 Hours

I have switched to TS since June 21 with DCM476 Software Version: STAC.02.31, Software Model: a81a, Bootloader: 2.3.1. I am experiencing connection drop sinc day 1. Based on threads I have seen, should I call TS and switch to DCM475 STAC 02.16?


Scarborough, ON
i switched from rogers to TS on june 21 as well. received the same modem and had drops from day 1. I called in and got the 476 replaced by the 475 2.16 and haven't had a connection issue since.


I called TSI last night and reported the problem. They opened a ticket and said they will ask Rogers to check the power signal next week. Hanging in there and bearing with the signal drops...... :-(


My DCM 476 gone so bad early this week that it reboots few mins after coming online. My internet rendered un-usable. I was able to convince TSI to swap my modem with DCM475. I have it connected yesterday and so far, not even once it lose connection. So if you recently switched to DCM 476 and have this issue, it is worth trying to get the DCM 475. Hope this helps.