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bronx cheers from cheap seats
Mississauga, ON
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Re: "Rogers is not required to honour what an agent says&qu

said by 04193189:

That's right .. and if i didn't suggest it to user then he'd still be getting crap service with crappy lines and getting ripped off. And, please get it right: it's TSI and Bell .. mostly Bell's fault.
BTW: For over 2 yrs customer has been getting ripped off without Bell doing the right thing.

You're absolutely out of your mind. You have topped the list of DSLR weirdos. No offence but you go on and on and on about it and spam your youtube channel. You remind me of a door to door solicitor.


Kitchener, ON

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We'll see who's out of their mind as we, many of us, are preparing cases to take all major ISP's to task.
Mindset of being a controlled little puppy and doing as you're told by system is what's wrong in this country ... and as is clearly evident on DSLR as well.
What's really at stake here is the freedom and future of our internet. Protests haven't worked, complaints to CRTC either, or any of the other schemes.
The only thing the corporations, businesses and their agents understand is money ... therefore it's the only way to fight them peacefully.
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