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Broadway, NC
reply to Mr Matt

Re: These weasels are preparing their minority report!

said by Mr Matt:

When the news reporters state that the police took action against a perpetrator, was through good police work. In some cases the perpetrator was an innocent that had their broadband connection hacked. I always wonder if many of the SWAT Team break in's shown on TV, on innocent citizens, are because the spies are sloppy and do not double check to be certain that they are breaking into the right house. Remember the NSA will claim that the spying on citizens is to protect the children and to prevent victimless crimes. When will the government require cameras be installed in bedrooms to make certain that spouses do sex according to local laws.

SHHHHHHH! Don't give them any new ideas...
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let's see... Cable boxes with cameras, TV's with cameras/microphones for Skype, every laptop with a camera/microphone, every cell phone with a camera/microphone.... All remote/software accessible - who says big brother can't get what they want.