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Muskogee, OK
reply to jdmm72

Re: [Speed] Suddenlink Cable internet Lag

It appears the SL Docsis 3 modems are set to 100(full). My Airport Extreme must be automatic since I can not find a setting to change it. Then My Mac Pro and PS3 are set to automatic. I tried to manually change the PS3 to Match the Modem at 100 Full Duplex and I had all kinds of problems. So I left it on auto. I realized I could not change it since the Router was was probably set to auto.


Tyler, TX

Cable modem ethernet ports are AUTO which is why you have problems when you hard set your device when connecting directly to it.

In regards to your PS3 getting 8mb speeds, that is MORE than enough to play online games. Unless the game is downloading patches, online games use almost no bandwidth, like less than 500k. Online games are based on latency more than bandwidth capacity. The only thing worse than high latency is packet-loss for an online game. If the correction errors mean the line was dropping packets then fixing those would definitely help your problem.