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Re: [TV] A different NBC affiliate

For once it would be nice to see BHN and other MSO's to be able to deal directly with the major broadcasters ( NBC - CBS - ABC ) just for the content.
They do, already, in a way. Just looked it up, and as I suspected, Brighthouse offers Primetime On Demand just like Time Warner. The only time a local channel was ever pulled here, it was CBS for a month and a half, and this was prior to Primetime On Demand, but I’d imagine if lets say for example your local NBC affiliate is pulled, you should be able to catch all (or most) of the primetime shows On Demand in less than 24 hours after the original airing.

Personally, I could careless about local affiliates just give me the networks themselves, but I’m starting to watch less and less network TV and more and more original series on both regular cable and premium cable. The overall quality of these shows is so much better. When CBS was pulled, I watched my primetime shows and NFL football on CBS from the next market over on unencrypted QAM on cable. It felt good pulling one over on LIN Broadcasting.

Anyhow, since TWC/BHN’s contract for the primetime on demand programming comes directly from the networks themselves, I see no reason why you should be able to watch the network show On Demand if your local affiliate is pulled.
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The only problem with VOD, of course, being if the affiliate is owned & operated. Then, it all goes away.