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Aurora, CO
reply to McBrain

Re: Man stabbed over World of Warcraft

said by McBrain:

I got the Savage side by side in the closet. We should seek each other out before the Zombie apocalypse, we'd be about 50' of nylon cord, a kerosene lantern, and 3 boxes of MREs short of survival.

I'm just short a kerosene lantern.

Got a couple M4's, an AK-47, a Beretta O/U 12 gauge, a couple of Savage pump 12 gauges, 2 breach actions, one in 12 gauge, one in 20 gauge (had to teach the kids to shoot), a Savage .300 win short mag rifle, a springfield .30-06 and .243 win. Not even going to get into the handguns. Plus a few cases of 1000 rounds each for the M4's, AK, shotguns and handguns. I have 5 200' rolls of 550 cord and 5 cases of MRE's that at least 1 case gets rotated in the summer due to camping/hunting/fishing trips and the boys going to scout camp. I do have battery powered lanterns though.

Plus the ultimate in survival training, I homebrew.
He who controls the Spice, controls the universe.

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Dodge, NE
arsenal much