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Laurel, MD
reply to joe01880

Re: More HD channels coming by October.

said by joe01880:

and is the 16:9 HD feed being forced into a 4:3 SD TV screen now just a smaller box in the middle of the screen or does the 16:9 HD feed fill the entire screen? Or does it now have bars at the top and bottom,

Generally it's an option, unlike the case where it's pre-converted by the provider. I don't know about Verizon's boxes specifically, though.

im sure you see my point.

Not at all.

Why should people with SD only TV's have to pay a price

They don't, at all. I gather you've never actually watched a downconverted HD channel? It looks better than a channel converted to SD by the provider, and having the option to control the format is a plus, especially considering that Verizon often gets it wrong.
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Wakefield, MA

said by wmcbrine:

I gather you've never actually watched a downconverted HD channel?.

No, I haven't.