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Hilo, HI
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Re: Is it possible to quit Google?

See, that is why I stick with Dell. I pay for the 5 year extended warranty which comes out to the price of a cheap computer. I'd love to configure a Falcon but the shipping costs for a 55 pound desktop from Hawaii to the West Coast and back would be prohibitive even once (not to mention the hassle of having to box it up and take it to UPS). Falcon has a good warranty....but ONLY for those in the contiguous states. When the warranty on my current computer ran out...I've just used it with its problems partly because it is old, and time for a new computer, but also because the cost to fix it locally is prohibitive at any point during its life span. Small things I can fix myself but not big ones and not anything that requires a tear down of the computer to get to whatever needs fixing or replacing.

So, I stay with Dell and their extended warranty which currently is USA phone support...no more India...and decent in home repair. I do take issue with Dell forcing me to buy protection for spills and dropping the computer. It is extremely unlikely that i will be dropping a desktop computer that sits in a cabinet or that I will be spilling liquid all over it...how could I do that unless deliberate? Then I also resent Dell's forcing me to buy software support which I don't need. Dell never did this until their new line. If I lived on the Mainland, I would probably not have bought a Dell after my second one back in 2003.
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I used to do authorized field support for Dell (and several other brand name PC makers), although most of my support was targeted to enterprise level customers instead of residential/soho/smb customers. I stopped doing that however long before I retired because the calls were frequently to small branch offices or plants in the boonies, and the pay schedule for that kind of work seldom included adequate reimbursement for calls with 2-3 hour drive times (and my arthritis had started to make multi-hour drives on winding mountain roads a bit less than pleasurable, despite the nice scenic views).

The availability of local hardware support is one reason that I did in fact recommend Dell to soho/smb clients who did not have in-house support capabilities. I made my money from those clients with value added services, not from selling them hardware.

I wasn't necessarily knocking Dell with my previous post. If I didn't think their products were worth using, I would not have bothered to occasionally make one good one from several dead ones for my own in-house use.

Hmm, when did this thread morph from a Google thread to a Dell thread?
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