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Elgin, IL

Another outage that is affecting everyone?

Came home from work to another "No signal detected. Please check your cable connection." Called WOW and she stated that it's not only an Illinois issue but it covers everyone. I find that hard to believe.

She stated that an update was being pushed and it caused the system to "stall". Will take approximately an hour to fix.

This is the second time in 3 weeks that all services have been affected for an extended period of time, I truly hope WOW is testing their "updates" before they send it out.

I like WOW, I like their customer service but this is starting to get somewhat annoying especially since I've had a local issue that dates back to when Ultra TV was rolled out. (continually get the problem stated above). Techs come out (have had 4-6 already) and they always state one thing or another (mainly get the "it's at the box") and it does not resolve the issue.

Sorry for the rant, just felt like venting and what better place then here?

PS. I did also let the lady know that I've been having the same issues and she stated that another tech will come out to the area to check on things to find a resolution.



So are these outages that effect "everyone" only for those with Ultra TV? Because there is certainly no issue right now with my "non Ultra" TV or internet.


Elgin, IL

Good question that I guessed you answered somewhat. I was just relaying what was told to me, maybe it's for Ultra TV or maybe it isn't really affecting "everyone" like she said. I have no way to tell.

Still out after the hour time allotted for the fix.


Elgin, IL
reply to Graz

Ok not too bad, just came on.

Cleveland, OH
reply to Graz

TV and cable are out here. Been on hold for over 30 mins to get in touch with WOW.


Taylor, MI
reply to Graz

Well at least I now know I am not alone, as this has happened to me about three times ( apparently at various times of the day ( once during the middle of the night ( couldn't watch something I had recorded) and twice so far during the day and night...

Had actually called, and the helpful agent set up an appt for a tech to come out the next day to check it out, hung up the phone, and as soon as I hung up the phone the picture came back...

So had to call them back, and let them know the picture was back and to cancel the service call since there was no need ( Knock on wood) for the wasted trip, and it has been fine since...

But the funny thing is, the internet was working fine ( wifi and all) just the tv went out... ??!!!??!?!?!


Des Plaines, IL

my tv internet and phone keep cutting out here in desplaines il also