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united state
reply to aguen

Re: [Southwest] So I ordered 150/35 in Murphy, TX

said by aguen:

Is your local distribution hub GPON?

Based on the comments the tech made to me when I upgraded to 150/65 GPON they never installed any new equipment at the distribution hub but yet I am running on GPON so they must have found some way to avoid having to replace the hubs.


Plano, TX
It sounds like you already had a hybrid CO. BPON and GPON are how most GPON COs are. I think only one small section of Texas has GPON currently and that's up in like north Denton or something.

Grants Pass, OR
reply to flashcore
Considering we don't know where you are, or which Fios market you are in, it's quite possible your area is newer than where we are.
Our area of North Texas was one of the first build outs, although I believe the Plano area is in one of the several over build areas and may be of a more recent vintage. I've had Fios since I moved here in 06 and it was already in place at that time. Also, for what it's worth our TV portion is VH01.


united state
I am in Maryland, I was the first one served out of the CO I am hooked to back in the spring of 2007 (Also the first one in Baltimore County), there was no GPON available at that point in time.