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Tavistock NJ

Some ask why people choose cable over Fios

Some people ask why would anyone ever choose cable over Fios if they have that choice.

And the ever increasing Fios prices(going up even faster than cable) is one of the reasons. Another is the never ending grief of dealing with the Verizon billing system, which seems to take months to correct even minor errors.

Also because on the internet side people found that they didn't need or want the higher priced higher speed Fios offerings. And also the fact cable companies have cut very good bundle deals for their customers when Fios is an option for those customers.

I know a few people who have successfully leveraged very good deals from Comcast by threatening to go to Fios.

Allendale, NJ
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Agreed! Back to OOL I went.. more than enough for me .... Price is King and the PQ is not that bad..
Fios is better! I have 2 college tuition's coming up( plus mine for my Masters) have not had a raise in 4 years .. etc etc ...
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Bradenton, FL
reply to FFH

Mitt, I agree with you and Harley. I just cant see how raising prices on an already expensive product helps them. Peopl are watching their money too closely these days for that to help them.

Of course, then the conspiracies come out and maybe this is what they want to happen. Probably not but you never know.

Brooklyn, NY
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For me, my FiOS rate has actually gone down in recent months. Mainly because I lucked into a sweet promo deal, but still...


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Verizon has really cleaned up it's billing, I've been on fios for a year and a half, I've changed tiers once or twice and never had a billing problem.

Also my speeds are much more consistent than Cablevision and PQ is better, as well as the dvr hardware itself being much better.

I pay less for FIOS than I was paying cablevision. with a quadruple play, 1 dvr and two hd boxes.
Price still seems to be a toss up, depending on what promotions you sign on to. I never pay full price for cable or fios I leverage each against each other for the lowest price.


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LOL cable price gouges, too. Karl knocks on them every single year.

In the end, the customers lose thanks to deregulation.


Santa Monica, CA
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This suggests that Google Fiber may not do so well in KC - there is no evidence to date to indicate they've "innovated" any significant cost-savings that would result in lower monthly costs. They're going to be in for a big surprise if they think Mom is going to spend $70/month for internet.

Likewise for Sonic, though they appear to be cherry-picking their first FTTH zones to assure uptake. When they move beyond the dotcom geek households, they'd better be prepared to offer an "economy tier".

Yo Soy Col. "Bat" Guano
Philly burbs
reply to FFH

Verizon had better be careful, or they might price themselves out of what is an all ready competitive market.

I currently have Fios Internet. No other service. I suspended the TV when I lost my second job, and haven't had home phone for a while now.

The only thing I really watch on "live" TV is the local news and a baseball game from time to time. I'm doing just fine with Netflix streaming to my TV for 8 bucks a month.

Since I've essentially replaced my cable subscription with the Nexflix subscription. I bought one of those newfangled net enabled TV's back when hurricane Irene sent a lightning bolt my way last year & blew out half the electronics in my home.

So for now, I'll stick with Fios. I have never had billing issues with Verizon, and have no complaint in that department. So long as I'm using Netflix for my TV I will still pay a few bucks more to avoid late afternoon congestion & caps.

For now...
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Bradenton, FL
reply to elray

I would think not having a large workforce and also not having to run two networks to the same house would help out there some elray.


reply to FFH

Funny thing is that FiOS is STILL cheaper than Uverse was for me 3 YEARS ago! It's funny but true...