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Fort Erie, ON
reply to the cerberus

Re: Quebecor wins court ruling over Bell

said by the cerberus:

LOL those dishes are not just in memory, most of the hardware works for FTA, Bell and Dish Network and so it is being reused.

When DirecTV stopped working, what do you think I used my DirecTV dish for? Those adapters to mount a second LNB to those dishes were very popular for a while. I have two Bell dishes with two LNBs sitting on my basement floor. When I moved to my last place I never bothered to put them back up, and shortly after public card sharing pretty much disappeared.

said by the cerberus:

Are you that daft to think a card change somehow stopped piracy?
Like I said above every subscription tv ca can be shared online, and no provider can stop it so far....

Yup, it's still out there. It's just not the free for all it once was.

I had an original Nfusion, too. Those were the days...



It's still pretty easy if you want to play pirate.
IKS is fairly cheap, servers are off-shore, the folks from the US usually watch Bell and Canadians watch Dish.

There are of course still the grey market activities too, but that tends to be just cross border friends and relatives supplying a billing address these days.

At the present time it would appear the cost/benefit ratio is too high to bother to stamp out cross border viewers.

I have a Shaw dish and subscription for the spouse.
It would be a cold day in Hell before I went with Rogers, and Bell is Bhell.

I have a motorized dish for my personal geekatainment, grabbing unencrypted broadcasts and feeds.

One of these days I might really upset the neighbours and stick up a tower for OTA.

Fort Erie, ON

Yeah a friend of mine still does IKS. I don't do it for the same reasons you already described. My Shaw Direct account is also for the wife. It were up to me I'd put an antenna up on the roof and just watch off-air television. As it stands right now I can get everything out of the US with just a pair of rabbit ears so I'm pretty well covered.