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La Habra, CA
reply to Suit Up

Re: SBG6580 Routing

I'm sorry to make this complicated... lol
I like the routers to have DHCP because I can set Access Restrictions to 3 teenagers and DD-WRT has great features for that.
As you can see the 2nd Router (AP) is connected to the 1st Main router... my 2nd AP is directly connected to the Modem and it provides greater internet speed that way...

I had it setup like the picture but with this new modem providing several ports... my home internet is much faster now.

Suit Up

Los Angeles, CA
If it's properly configured it shouldn't be slower. Just set up one of the routers as a Wireless AP, making sure you turned off DHCP and plugged the ethernet connecting the two into LAN ports, not their WAN port (you can do it through the AP's WAN port but that makes it more complicated and you only have 2 computers to attach anyway so you don't need the extra port). Then the main router will send the DHCP and provide the access restrictions for the devices connecting to the AP one. And you'll want to set the modem to not provide DHCP.