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reply to bdnhsv

Re: [Windows] Cannot get network shares working with Boxee Box

yeah, i should have said to ping devices for about a minute using "ping xxx -t". you press control+c to end the continuous ping and see the results.

said by bdnhsv:

hard wire your stashbox to your router and try your tests again?

yup yup yup

that latency you're seeing is why your videos are stuttering

Pan-National Aquisitioner
Oakville, ON
I can't hard wire because of the distance between them. I'm also not in the financial position to get another powerline adapter at the moment. But here are the ping results:

Gary to D-Link:
53 packets, 0% loss
all 3-6ms

Gary to Linksys:
63 packets, 0% loss
all 3-5ms

Gary to Boxee:
70 packets, 1 lost, 1% loss
all 6-9 ms, one randomly timed out in the middle

Gary to Stashbox:
See picture. I did this one twice because it was so messed up the first time. The picture is from the first time.
2nd time:
61 packets, 0% loss
Min 4ms, Max 60ms, average 9ms

Stashbox to Gary:
53 packets, 0% loss
pings all over the map, from 4ms - 219ms

Stashbox to Linksys:
50 packets, 0% loss
mostly 1ms to 3ms, except every 6 or 7th one it would go to 12ms or so. In the middle, there was an instance of 1ms, but the next one was 1848ms

Stashbox to D-Link:
61 packets, 0% loss
all 1-3ms, except a random 430ms, a 51ms, a 10 ms, and a 14ms

Stashbox to Boxee:
(Let this one go longer since it's the important one)
140 packets, 0% loss
Min 3ms, max 239ms, average 8ms

Vote early, vote often, vote democrat.

is it possible to unplug and move stashbox so that you can directly wire it to your DLINK? at this point, the wireless adapter is in question.

the other way to test is to use a different wireless adapter on stashbox. if you have one.