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Re: Geez! Just start knocking on doors...its only $10!

Karl, that report is old. Over 30% of hoods are now registered but it has slowed down to a crawl. The problem is many many people in valid fiberhoods are not able to register due to a bug. I can't register, my entire building cannot. There are major problems with the registration site. Google has acknowledged this but no media is mentioning it.

I've also tried addresses in low income areas and not many work. And nearly all of my hood cannot register even though it's a valid fiberhood.

Karl needs to report the registration problem. No other media is addressing the registration problems in valid hoods.



You can track registrations here...


Note the E and S side and downtown (N) are low - is because very few people can register due to a bug. I live in the section on the N edge of Green loop wrapping around a couple hoods where very few can register.

Right now about 44/130 (33%) of valid fiberhoods are registered but its come to a near halt because few others are able to register.

I've tried dozens of addresses in valid fiberhoods that don't work. Sent it to the KC Star and they are silent.


Kansas City, MO

Google has acknowledged the issue (mostly multi-dwelling units) and said they are working as fast as possible to fix it.

I hope the people that tried originally but couldn't get their address registered try again instead of just giving up.