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NW Minnesota
reply to norbert26

Re: 50 or 70 pint dehumidifier

My guess is that newer units remove considerably more humidity than those made a couple of generations ago. The process of converting water vapor to a liquid state releases heat. This heat energy as well as the heat generated due to inefficiencies in the unit itself are released into the room.

Water vapor will only condense onto another surface when that surface is cooler than the dew point temperature, or when the water vapor equilibrium in air has been exceeded. When water vapor condenses onto a surface, a net warming occurs on that surface. The water molecule brings heat energy with it.

»en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Water_vapo ··· er_vapor

The enthalpy of condensation (or heat of condensation) is by definition equal to the enthalpy of vaporization with the opposite sign: enthalpy changes of vaporization are always positive (heat is absorbed by the substance), whereas enthalpy changes of condensation are always negative (heat is released by the substance).

»en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Enthalpy_o ··· rization

For even more exciting reading......

»en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Latent_hea ··· ent_heat

Oconto, WI
I live it everyday. And it is still extremely boring to read.

Warwick, RI
reply to Zach1
Well mystery solved. That dehumidifier from years ago must have been low power. The house only had 60 AMP service and the condensate pan was not that large. Fast forward to the present. A year and a half ago i bought a dehumidifier to boost / assist an AC in an adjoining room . The room i placed the dehumidifier in has those sliding windows that are a PITA to mount a window shaker in. I put the AC window shaker in the adjoining room and it cools both rooms. Sometimes if humidity is extreme (like during the night) the AC will cool but it may get humid in the other room. I set the dehumidifier at 60% so it wont run too long and not get too hot. I made the mistake of the dehumidifier being over sized at 70 pints . Now i know i needed it smaller but whats done is done now i will live with it. All this said they have combo AC / dehumidifiers on the market. These have a big heat exhaust hose you can run to a window and exhaust the heat to the outside. If its damp / cool you can run it as a standard dehumidifier. This would address the issue of heat build up. The ones i have seen do about 12,000 BTUs but this will work where you can't install a window shaker.