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·Verizon FiOS

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Re: Ridiculous

You cant make attempt to make an opinionated fact, like
Watching TV on someone else's schedule (Broadcast television) is dying and that is the reality. People might be signing up to FIOS or U-Verse, but that is mainly due to cheap introductory deals.

Once those are over and their rates rise above that of even legacy cable, the TV component will be the first to go. Most love their higher data speeds and if they are going to chose, will not part with this.
I explain how youre wrong, and you rationalize against your own statement?

The truth of the matter is that "cord cutting" is completely exaggerated, and almost hyped up to be this cool thing to do to save money. I do not know one person in my life who has "cut the cord". I have a huge family, and a lot of friends and co-workers. Of course, according to this ridiculous article, almost half the people I know "cut the cord" by switching to FiOS. When the few of you that has made a sacrifice, and have really "cut the cord" , it gives you the illusion that everyone else is doing it as well, especially, when you read about it here ! lmao. Just because you are doing it, everyone is?

Now that I made that statement, the entire board will jump in and say how they "cut the cord", how everyone they know is doing it, bla bla bla . Funny how there is still over 100 MILLION pay TV subscribers in this country though. Lets decrease that number even by the ridiculous number of 400,000 , its gonna be a long, long, time before you replace this " outdated , "old fashioned archaic method of entertainment". lol.

Technicially speaking, someone moving to Satellite is more "cutting the cord" than FiOS/Uverse. Are these people kidding me?


I never said there wasn't an audience for the crap on Cable today; it's Idiocracy in the making. Close to 1/3 of the people I personally know have cut or dropped cable TV and they are not hurting for money.

Evidently, watching tools and twits on cable is not their thing. Like many, they're not interested in watching 16 an pregnant, Jersey shore, or any other imbecilic show about morons pumping their fists, to stroke their caveman egos.

Like I stated to the other guy, it's not about the money, considering many of these households earn 6 figures and up. For those who still see value in watching shows like housewife pawn dancing mom wedding etc etc - then go right ahead.


·Verizon FiOS

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Close to 1/3...
Is that scientific data , or a BS guess? I dont know anyone that has done that, yet, 1/3 of your people have. Do you know 3 people? Because the real-life statistics are closer to my claim than yours.

.. and before you counter my argument, the statistics say that there are approximately 100,000,000 pay TV subscribers in this country. Consider the population of the US before you make the error of saying that (even anything remotely close to) 33% of people have "cut the cord". While youre at it, consider that a decent amount of people were OTA the entire time !

Even with the advent of toys like Netflix, and the internet opening illegal oportunities, Id still say "cord cutters" are in the low single digit percentages of TV watchers.

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reply to ITALIAN926
Yes, Yes, because if you're not doing it then clearly it's unimportant.

We get it.