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Re: GVJack wont' call out

I did post on that forum last night after spending two + hours going crazy trying to get it to work. I received no help there and the moderator deleted my post. I posted again and was dismissed with how "simple" it is, just 1-2-3. I still can't get google voice call on gmail to work and have given up on GVJack after wasting another couple hours on it.



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It doesn't happen often; however, for the record you came onto the forum and aggressively and nastily started bashing people and that included me whether you realized it or not. The drama, aggression and attitude portrayed were extremely offensive and you were finally and intentionally thrown off the forum for a continuation of the latter.

You were never dismissed but you simply got thrown out of the store for unacceptable behavior. No sympathy coming from this corner in this particular situation.

planet earth

get a grip. when you put out a product that has flaws and so many are having problems with it, you need to deal with the complaints.



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Constructive complaints, suggestions and ideas are appreciated and put back into products fairly quickly. Definitely, no problems there at all.

Please feel free to continue using magicJack's service if it works for you. Their customer service is also a perfect fit for your particular needs.


Pen Argyl, PA

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reply to planet earth
Let me tell you something, redpepper gives the best customer support, PERIOD.. He bends over backwards to help anyone. Of course he, like anyone else, is put off by the lack of respect or attitude. I help MANY people on this and another forum, however once someone cops an attitude, they are on their own. One needs to give it ( respect) in order to get it. At least that is how is works for MOST civil people...
Joe Sica


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down for a week?

Our MJ has been down for a week and wont connect to "my majicjack" It trys and says server may be down, keep trying. Internet is up as i am on the same computer typing this. any ideas?



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Not exactly sure why you posted that question in this thread.

It sounds like the specific magicJack network server you are on is indeed down. As far as I am aware and as reported by others that have run into similar problems to the one you are describing, they do not have any automatic cut over or backup system in place in their network when this happens. The users tied to that given server just go down until they realize there is a problem and get around to fixing it. See »www.magicjacksupport.com/magicja ··· 726.html .

There are however threads at »www.magicjacksupport.com that describe how to force your magicJack to use a different network server located somewhere else in the United States. Hope this helps.