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Aurora, CO
reply to DarkLogix

Re: [Poll] First to MoP

They died because most people in them only wanted the epeen stroking of having the higher ilvl gear. I know if you went into ICC 25 with 25 people in all ICC 10 gear you were going to be in for a rough night since it was tuned for 25m gear. And that's where it was all at, and is now. Pre nerf raids are tuned for whatever gear lvl Blizz deems appropriate. They designed encounters based on number of people and gear lvl. So in Wrath 25m raids had more health, hit harder and in a few cases had an extra mechanic to deal with because Blizz figured if you were all geared in 25m gear from the previous tier you should have a reasonable chance to down the boss. But, when you go into 10m encounters with half a tier or even a full tier higher gear than Blizz designed a fight for, it's going to seem easier as hell. Plus, in the past 25m guilds did tend to attract the better players who wanted the aforementioned epeen growth for the better gear, so the average skill levels were also higher for them going in.
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BTW if anyone knows a good 25man guild that starts raids around 9:30pm CST (or 10pm CST) let me know