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Re: [Connectivity] "not servicable" despite trunk line

said by DrDrew See Profile
Stop calling and go into the local office. Contact the LOCAL construction manager.

I did go to the local office, which was quite far out of the way. They were very nice and seemed to do everything they could with a smile, but they could not give me the number of anyone, only submit a form that seems like the same thing the CSR from 1800 were doing. I got the same line about plant extensions and figuring out if it was economically feasible. Explaining that I wanted to just pay for the extension got the same response that oh no they don't do that.

She did say that she would try to get someone to call me directly, but I have heard that already before, so I do not have high hopes.

Snohomish, WA
It may take some time before you hear back.
You may or may not ever see anyone. The first part is they research what they presently have in place, IF that is expandable, THEN someone comes out to measure/asess. Then they crunch the number and offer(by mail usually) an estmate and contract. Don't get too anxious even if it's a go, it could take months to get it completed.
They aren't being rude or mean, you are just one of many requests that they fit in between normal construction activity.


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We live in a rural area right outside of Richmond, VA. We paid Comcast approximately $3 per foot to extend their service to our home in 2010. The extension was approximately 1 mile. At first, we called our local office, but no one took us seriously. We had to write a letter to the local construction supervisor before we received a response. The construction supervisor then came out and did a site survey, then sent us a letter indicating the amount of money that they wanted to extend their service. After we signed the contract/letter that they sent us and paid for the extension, they then put us on the construction schedule. It took about 6 months from contacting the construction supervisor before they began construction. They buried the extension and put in several amplifiers along the way. It took about one week to complete. Let me know if you have any questions.


Redwood City, CA

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FYI, I just had this sort of thing done this spring. Specifically, I had a private line extension run ~800 feet from the closest Comcast wiring to the side of my house, then the actual "normal" comcast install went from 5 feet outside my house into my actual cable modem. The line extension cable is quite impressive, approx 1/2-3/4 of an inch thick and probably 3mm thick copper connector in the center. Serious cable. Search for my other posts and you can see how long this was underway.

My costs broke down like this: ~$14,000 to get 2" schedule 40 PVC conduit installed from the closest telephone pole with cable to my house, all done with trench less directional drilling including going under the road (of course the pole was on the far side of the street) and getting all necessary permits. I had that done privately. Then $3,000 or so to Comcast's construction arm, which around here outsourced to CableComm LLC to get the line extension installed once my conduit was in place. And then finally normal Comcast installation and buying a cable modem. The $72 a month for Blast internet is not a big deal at this point.

It did take a long time (years of trying off and on) to find the construction department contact, then another 4-6 months once I finally got the right contact there and put the process in motion. So don't give up. It was totally worth it, since otherwise our property was unserviceable for high speed Internet, and in the heart of Silicon Valley the impact of that on property value is MUCH more than I spent.

If you happen to be in Northern California message me and I can pass on the contacts I found, but otherwise you'll have to keep banging against Comcast until you get to the construction department.

It can definitely be done, and if you have utility poles in place and can avoid the cost of underground conduit you can do it for a lot less than I had to spend.

Good luck,

I do this for a living

Dover, DE
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15k for a plant extension? you must have really wanted cable...
I'm better than you!


Price we were willing to pay to live in the country and work from home.


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Yea I shouldn't need the underground drilling across the street, the utilities already cross above. I wonder how much of that was the drilling. I've seen people saying they paid anywhere from 2-10$ a foot. (with the 2$ people still complaining haha)

I did finally get a call back I think thanks to a comcast person who messaged me here. This person seemed to at least understand that it was possible for me to pay to have the house connected rather then the "we do it free or it's not possible" response. So I'm waiting for a callback again, supposedly within 10 days I believe they said.