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Marion, OH

My Wireless Speed is Very Erratic

I receive my wireless Internet service from the Comwavz tower in Marion, Ohio. I have the optimum line of sight to their antenna. (I can actually see their tower from my antenna.

I use my Internet connection a lot. It just seems like the service speed is slowing down more and more. I might get a great connection at 6:00 AM and then it slows to a crawl at 8:00 AM. It goes faster and slower and different time of the day. I am trying to use a network media player through my wireless home network. But in the evening, my service gets so slow that I can't watch a simple YouTube video without a bunch of pauses and it is really annoying. If my service were providing me the bandwidth I am paying for, the device should work great with bandwidth to spare.

Are other people having this problem and does anyone know if Comwavz will upgrade their system anytime in the near future? If they just keep adding more customers without adding the capacity to provide adequate bandwidth to all of them, all of the customers suffer.


Kansas City
If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck. System load.


Queen Anne, MD
reply to Ardose
Have you asked them?


Marion, OH
I have contacted Comwavz about the problem and they say pretty much anything except that it's their equipment and their responsibility. It's the usual response. Do you have an unobstructed line of sight? Check your ping back speed? Is something on your computer slowing it down? We can send a technician to check your system. But, it gets down to the obvious, if it works fine at certain times of the day, chances are....it's not my computer that's the problem and it's not likely that my transponder works differently at different times of the day and sun spots don't do that either. I know that the Internet carries a heavy data load at certain times of the day. But, it shouldn't have that much affect.

When all is said and done, I think the problem is Comwavz. They need to upgrade their system so it can adequately support their subscribers. Many ISPs are installing optical cables and are upgrading their switching systems because people are clearly dumping their cable and satellite systems and using the Internet for video entertainment. I wonder if Comwavz intends to allow their system to slip into total obsolescence.

I am trying to decide if I should change to Frontier who say they can now provide me high speed Internet through their phone line. I would stick to what I have if there were some indication that Comwavz was going to fix the problem. Has anybody heard anything?