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Nick D
Orange, CA
reply to McBrain

Re: So what did you do yesterday?

Better use of CDs during black phases = you win!

Zon'ozz DPS is so dependent on the rest of the DPS, because you do more damage the longer it goes. You might've only done 40k DPS if the rest of the raid was closer to par with you.

I always have a hard time deciding when to Reck on that fight. Usually third black phase, but sometimes the fight ends mid-reck because people are too good that time round.

It's a conundrum.

Thread Killer
Dodge, NE
said by Nick D:

It's a conundrum.

wrapped in an enigma, bathed in perplexity.
Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau!
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BRB Face Melting

reply to Nick D
I could probably do better, but the black phases don't line up with my CDs well.

I usually pop a potion, Orc racial, then Wolves on pull. Then I have no DPS cds on first black phase. Then I use Orc racial and Wolves again on second black phase. Sometimes I pot then too and if we have good dps I will Blood Lust at that time as well. If not, I Blust and Pot in 3rd black phase, and usually am able to get one more set of wolves in that are usually standing next to me when Zon'ozz goes down.

It sucks cause time between black phases is usually just under my cooldown timers.
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