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land of big
reply to goalieskates

Re: Stranded jet-skier saunters through JFK safeguards

said by goalieskates:

I wonder if this is the same system in use at Oak Ridge.

I'm still not sure if Oak Ridge's was a Raytheon product, although Raytheon is definitely in OR. But more light reading on their break-in:

Did PIDAS work? Conflicting reports (KNS / Munger)

National Nuclear Security Administration spokesman Steven Wyatt today said the federal agency stands by previous statements that a sensor on the PIDAS (perimeter intrusion detection and assessment system) triggered the response to Saturday's morning intrusion by peace protesters into the highest-security area at the Y-12 nuclear weapons plant.

There have been multiple reports from members of the Y-12 protective force indicating that there was no alarm triggered by the PIDAS, saying the initial response by security police was prompted by noise from the protesters -- who draped banners and painted messages on the exterior of the Highly Enriched Uranium Materials Facility.
Where's the Oversight at Nuclear Labs? (Project on Government Oversight) (picked up later by HuffPo) (contains multiple links)

Earlier in 2012, Independent Oversight reviewed the known problem with cameras, sensors, alarms and coordination with the central alarm station and the PIDAS (Perimeter Intrusion Detection and Assessment System) at Y-12. They found serious malfunctions in the system including some alarm systems, cameras and sensors that had been inoperable for nine months.
So both systems had known problems that didn't get fixed. We know now of 2 PIDAS systems bypassed by a nun and a jet-skier. Not bad guys looking to kill thousands by any stretch of the imagination.


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though to be fair, Perimeter motion sensing systems are a complete farce anyway. I bet they will find the one at JFK was shut off due to birds or other wildlife constantly triggering it.

Guessing this is why the government facilities that are in theory super secure(which it seems they arent in the case of Oak Ridge) are likely in the middle of no where... if backed against a sub-division the neighborhood kids would be throwing crap over the fence just to see how many guards come running when the motion alarms went off.
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Alarms like that are more sophisticated now days..they can be adjusted to ignore by size and weight and other signatures /features that minimize false alarms and things like that.