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Yo Soy Col. "Bat" Guano
Philly burbs
reply to YukonHawk


Perhaps Fios EXPANSION is dead. Fios is alive & well and bringing me the intertubes on a daily basis.

Verizon & AT&T built their next generation plants out to the areas they chose to serve probably based mostly on economics & market research. They have no desire to expand.

Verizon would rather focus on their more profitable non union wireless division than deal with their rickety old copper plant
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Bon Aqua, TN
That maybe so, but your not going to expand subscribers by simply not upgrading more areas that are under your footprint.. sure you can have the best service around, but if people with "no" service options cannot subscribe then your losing potential income.. If the current landline division isn't profitable, figure out how to make it so.. Either by selling it, or leasing it, or redoing it all together.. Just letting a huge chunk of people go unserviced is irresponsible.. And no, i'm not talking about the areas where you drive 15 miles and see only one house.. There are many many many places undeserved where the potential for adding subscribers is very high as they would be the only provider in the area...

I don't get comcast/att's math.. I've heard comcast wants 12 house's per mile before building out.. Yet we now have over 125 homes right on the road for 3.8 miles.. Do we have services? No.. Neither att or comcast have yet to bother.. Keep in mind these are homes right on the main stretch here, there are many branch off roads with many many more house's.. Yet this area is just a black hole for broadband for some reason..

I've seen VRADS and cable ran out to practically the middle of nowhere just to service one house.. There was absolutely nothing else in the whole area..... It just doesn't make sense...

Charlotte, NC
AT&T placed vrads where there was a fiber feed first. in some cases the neighborhoods the local elected officials live in were a prime choice. From what I have seen income was not the driving factor.