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11237 Connection problems

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I've been having connection problems since early July. Three techs have been out, the modem has been replaced (was an Arris TM802 now it's a TM822), fittings have been replaced, the single splitter in the apartment has been replaced, and the DMU has been inspected. I've been told multiple times that an OSP tech would be getting involved, but the problem persists.

All 8 downstream channels hover between -1 and +1 dBmV. Downstream SNR is 37.36 dB or higher on all 8 channels.
I don't have Boost so there's only one upstream channel. It started off around 57 dBmV in July. They have tweaked the line enough that it sits around 47.25dBmV these days. Still the problem persists.

The tech that was out yesterday said she was at an address a few doors down from me and that the residence was experiencing the same problems I have been.

The problem in detail is that connection speeds and latency are great about 75% of the time. 18 to 20 Mbps down and 1.9 to 2.0 Mbps up. Out of the blue, usually late at night (11pm or later), but also during the day (any day of the week), the upstream drops to 0.03 Mbps or lower. Packet loss is anywhere from 30% to 70% and the connection becomes useless. I should state that in the beginning of this mess only the upstream was affected. Downstream remained around 20 Mbps. Lately when our service gets flaky, both downstream and upstream are reduced to around 0.03 Mbps with massive packet loss.

I've tried connecting directly to the modem and have connected the modem directly to the main drop in the apartment with no positive effect.

Something is going on outside of the apartment. I've seen multiple taps on the mainline with unterminated ports, coiled wire, splitters on lines coming off taps and trees and other plants growing onto the mainline.

About three weeks ago there were about six Cablevision vans parked around the corner. The workers were putting in what appears to be a new amp and two new taps on a pole. The problem has increased in frequency since that work was done. I'm also getting T3 ranging timeouts multiple times a day.

Attached are some photos of the new amp and taps. Note the two tap outputs that aren't terminated. They are a perfect example of what I believe to be the lack of a good work ethic on behalf of Cablevision's "technicians".


You don't quite know what you are talking about with the taps there. While that isn't the best example of worksmanship, the most likely cause of you problem is ingress from one or more os the apartments that are being fed from that node. You should be requesting a supervisor to come out for your troublecall.


If I "don't quite know" why don't you fill me in, instead of only pointing out my flaws.

I've requested supervisors and been told they will come and they don't. I've also been promised that OSP techs will come and they don't.


If you look at the taps two of the port locks are missing one on each tap. Who know knows how much water and corrosion is happening.


said by iotv :

If you look at the taps two of the port locks are missing one on each tap. Who know knows how much water and corrosion is happening.

Or RF ingress, I agree. The pics are of new equipment though. I wish they would get to the mainline running down the middle of the block behind the buildings. Lots of overgrowth and ancient equipment from the looks of it.

Has anyone else in the Bushwick area been having problems?


The port locks they use are not 75 ohm terminators but just port covers. Technically they don't terminate port just the security of someone stealing cable from the port. Which u cant really do any more anyways. And very little ingress will come into a port unless you have a bare wire pushed into it acting like a antenna


Brooklyn, NY
reply to BadCVinBK
a ha! i've had this same exact issue a few years back and as more recent as 1.5 years ago. i was on boost 30/5 - it ran great for 1 solid year, then out of nowhere, my UP was crap - but D/L remained stable, but with that being said - packets were dropping like dog sh1ts - what did i do? i called every single night to complain, b1tch and moaned - for a 3 wk period - resolution? they put me onto another node. it sounds like that node is crapping out. then as to the more recent account, when this happened? well i simply jumped onto the boost+ and issue never came back.