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Brooklyn, NY
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Re: [OOL] Technical: Does this meet code?

Yeah, someone bought that building and put the razor wire there. I'm just going to throw an old rug across it next time I go up there. I'm not sure what you see as the 3rd pic, jaa, but for me the third pic is the tree that the installer commissioned as an ad hoc utility pole. The rest of the pictures show 1 1/4 " pipe embedded in the top of the wall making up part of an unfinished railing around the roof.

I'm not as worried about the danger as I am the snowballing detrimental effect on Cablevision's service in the neighborhood which includes MY service. However, if lightning can cause a surge inside my building and zap a modem and a NIC card and if that crazy installation somehow enabled that surge, then I won't completely rule out the aspect of possible physical hazard.

The thing is that now CV is giving one of my tenants grief because they insist that they connect a ground wire to my water supply. While I appreciate the nod to proper procedure it seems rather random after looking at this job which runs off the very same pole. I want to insist that they provide drawings and ,at least, detailed specifications of the proposed work. I don't want more of this kind of situation, especially when it's actually connected to my building.


Yea it's probably temped out due to either a few things.
1 cable could have been damaged and to get everyone on they ran rg11 and refered it to there construction dept.
2 they might have a rebuild or extention in plan someone complained they want service so they did a temp. job
3 seen this alot a building owner just cut the cable off there building and again goes back to the 1st answer


If the line was damaged then you should be happy he went thru all of that to get service back on. Construction will come back and correct it.


West Milford, NJ

1 recommendation

I saw the razor wire and thought you were lucky they even ran CV into the prison.