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reply to bruintennis

Re: Charter or U-Verse Internet?? Thinking of switching soon.

We just decided to switch from Charter to AT&T Uverse, TV and Phone.

Set up the installation for next week, paying $110 early termination fee to Charter for cancelling before expiration of agreement, SAVING $147 installation fees from AT&T and getting a 12 month contract with a $41 a month savings.

Reasoning simple for us, WE SAVE 50% TOTAL on our new Uverse bill compared to our present Charter bill, $100 a month!

We had the Ultra internet speed from Charter, did speed tests, never got above 55mbps download, that "up to..." saves Charter's rear.

Yes, the internet will be a bit slower, but so what, it will still do everything we want it to do.

During the past 3 weeks, our internet with Charter has gone down 8 times, that is unacceptable, a Charter truck regularly is at the end of our street "working," on whatever.

Not happy with Charter at all.


Monterey Park, CA

Thanks CL for the reply. What city/area are you in?


Saint Louis, MO
reply to CL

Well, we've never had internet problems with Charter. I'm paying $95/month for TV and 30Mb. For some reason, TV has been acting up the past few weeks but, usually, when it works, it works, when it doesn't, they go down hard.

I despise ATT with a purple passion after decades of dealing with them.

O Fallon, MO

I would feel "blessed" to have AT&T as an option. Our only other wired choice is CenturyLink. They are expensive. They used to have good service, but apparently it went to hell in a hand basket.
If someone refers to herself / himself as a "guru", they probably aren't.


Saint Louis, MO

My wife got ATT for her mother. Everything went well, and it works fine for them, but then they had to make some change to the service and it's been pure hell. She spent 4 hours on the phone one day being transferred from department to department, getting disconnected between each one and, of course, each department disavowing responsibility for anything.

Typical. For years ATT would sell me DSL to my home where DSL was never available. Sent me modems, manuals. Even once sent a tech to install it.

Of course, when DSL did become available, it wasn't much faster then dialup, but their excuse was we were too far from the CO. So why was I paying more for DSL?

And these are the milder stories.