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reply to Frodo

Re: Assange makes 1st public appearance in 2 months

said by Frodo:

said by Blackbird:

But if one is persuasively alleged to have committed a crime against a citizen or agency of another nation, they are indeed subject to extradition for trial in that nation, if an applicable treaty exists and if courts in the sending nation agree.

True. However he is under Ecuadorian jurisdiction at the moment. So, Ecuador does have a say. People may not like that Ecuador has a say, but that's tough luck. Now Britain and Sweden say that the matter involves allegations in Sweden. Confine the extradition of Assange to that matter only, and that resolves Ecuador's concern.
I'd like to see the guarantees issued so that the Swedish matter could be resolved.

Yes, Ecuador indeed does have a say. But that say ends at the property line of the Ecuadorian embassy, since their sovereignty ends at that point in the UK. And Ecuador may not like that the UK has the ultimate say, but that's also tough luck... it's the UK's sovereign territory that Assange has to traverse if he ever leaves the embassy, and its the UK's extradition treaty with Sweden that the UK feels obligated to honor. Likewise, Sweden believes it has a sovereign obligation to honor whatever extradition treaty it may have with the US (or other nations), so it is unwilling to carte-blanche renounce those obligations to satisfy Ecuador or Assange. Now, whether Assange would ever be successfully extradited to the US by Sweden under terms of such a treaty is another issue entirely... most such treaties involve critical review by courts in the nation sending the accused - things like trial fairness, valid charges, political persecution, etc all can and generally are considered. But simply demanding the carte-blanch abbrogation of any extradition treaty between the US and Sweden is not normally considered an acceptable diplomatic solution to the kind of problem that now exists with Assange in the Ecuadorian embassy.
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zichrona livracha
It would get very interesting if they decided to ship Assange out in a crate declared as a diplomatic pouch.

Although Assange is wanted by Sweden on charges unrelated to the wikileaks scandal, I suspect they have agreed to send him to the US for bigger charges.

Assange has embarrassed many politicians from many governments, including the US, UK, France, Israel, Russia, China, several Arab states, both Koreas and Japan. As a result, he has made many enemies, so even his escape to Ecuador would only be a temporary reprieve.