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reply to LeftOfSanity

Re: 2005 Nissan Altima 2.5L No Start Condition

said by LeftOfSanity:

the SES lights goes out and then flashes 4 times. I assume this is P1111 which is "intake valve timing control solenoid valve" ?

Would that cause no spark?

No, that is a different system.

You meed to diagnose why you have no spark when the sensors are all plugged in and yet you get spark back when you unplug one sensor. I would verify the sensors have the correct ohms values and are not open or shorted to ground.
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I am going to check that when i get home later tonight. I am also going to see if the coils are getting power with the key on.

It will only fire when cam sensor is plugged in and crank is unplugged. Wont start if crank is plugged in and cam is unplugged.

Seems odd since part of a recall was to reprogram the ECM to use the other sensor if one died.

Even when it does start, its not driveable. It will idle, but if I put it in gear and try to drive, it goes like 3 miles an hour no matter how far i press the accelerator.

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